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Data Quality Measurement

Example elements of outputs from client projects

Getting Data Quality onto the Agenda

Success in getting the deserved focus for customer data quality in the top 5 focus areas of a client’s newly developed marketing strategy. 

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Customer Information Quality Dashboard

A working mock-up of the proposed customer information quality dashboard which was then developed by the client in their own Business Intelligence Tool to deliver real-time reporting on their live database.

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Data Capture Guide

A guide for all staff who collect or update customer information addressing the key findings of a data audit followed by the identification of all blackspots that could be addressed or improved at human input points.

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Primary Customer Data supports organisations in solving their customer data challenges and maximising the value that they get from their customer data asset.

Our Customer Data solutions are pragmatic and cost-effective but based on at least the same level of expertise and experience that would be expected of much larger data companies. Our ways of working ensure the high levels of governance and transparency required by corporate IT Teams and yet deliver the agility and flexibility needed by the business side of the organisation.

TANGERINE Customer Value Segmentation

Uncover where the financial value really sits in your customer base

“The Tangerine Customer Value Segmenter peels back the layers of blunt averages and received wisdoms that may surround your current understanding of how value is distributed in your customer base. It challenges, or at least refines, anecdotes like “we have the same 80:20 split as everyone else” or “we are only losing about 1% of our customer base each year”.

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